Wifi point to point

WIFI & Point-to-Point

Wireless networks have become part of our society. Nowadays, most intelligent devices have a wireless connection. Representatives who rarely visit the office, therefore, do not have a desk PC and connect through a wireless network. Customers can continue working using your free wireless network while waiting.

You can hold both internal and external calls through the wireless network, you no longer need fixed handsets and devices and you can be reached anywhere (for example, warehouse assistants who can be rarely reached on their fixed handsets). Before we can offer these services, we will carry out a study based on the requested application (data, voice over IP, etc.) and we take the building type into account. The implementation of a wireless network is viewed as an overall project within ENS. We manage the whole project ranging from the site survey, cabling, configuration, reporting to support.

You can also come to ENS for professional Wi-Fi point-to-point/point-to-multipoint connections. Under ideal conditions, distances of more than 10 km can be bridged.